Why You Should Not Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 10?

Why You Should not Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 10?

Samsung’s upcoming Smartphone was in the news for a very long time, and even now, and it is officially announced to be launched on August 7. However, people are not very happy about the specs and features of the device. because the expectations were high, many leakers revealed that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will have the best screen out of all the smartphones in the world. However, a famous leaker from Ice Universe has announced that the best screen doesn’t mean that it will be best technologically.  No doubt, And as revealed before the screen will have enough brightness and sharpness level, but hey, what’s new?

Samsung Note 10- A Device Empty of Technologies

According to Ice Universe, Galaxy Note 10 will not have a high refresh rate panel like the 90Hz one seen in the OnePlus 7 Pro. With the high refresh rate panels, one can see the fluidity to daily animations on devices. It’s surprising to know that One Plus had the capability to include this technology when Samsung has not even touched it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10
Samsung Galaxy Note 10

When Apple was famous for setting the trends, the Galaxy Note series had made its trademark in the smartphone Industry in the back in 2011. So with Note, Everyone’s expectations have always remained high, but Samsung has disappointed us this time. With a large screen, an unwanted stylus, and ever-increasing memory, the note series kept on becoming favorite. But people were expecting something new from Samsung now. No doubt, when it comes to the overall design of Note 10, it’s quite fabulous. But considering the latest technologies in the smartphone industry, the device is as empty as it could be.

It’s a high time that Samsung should do something new by learning from its past, Otherwise, that day is not far away that it will be remembered like Nokia, while the Chinese smartphone makers will take over it. Well, if other smartphone companies are producing the best technology devices, one should go for them. Rather than, you know carrying “big name” in hands, it’s better to carry better technology smartphones.

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