Top 5 Racing Games for Android 2019

Racing Games for Android

Today we discuss best racing games for android Offline and that’s specifically for those readers who are crazy about games. Android games are getting better every month and we see changes along with advancement in graphics.

Top 5 Racing Games for Android 2019

However, in today’s article, we are going to share a list of 5 Racing Games for Android and iOS.

Here is the list of 5 Racing Games for Android Offline :

1.Classics Pro Great

Classics Pro Great

Racing game for mobile devices which will appeal to fans of classic cars get ready to drive a real muscle car you’re waiting for as many as 16 legendary cars originally from the 70s and 80s an unprecedented number of drag racing competitions with different game modes dozens of types of spare parts and other improvements for your car there’s a wide range of opportunities to customize your the car which will make your car unique you can download to your Android smartphone racing game racing classics and try your hand at the skill of drag racing. This game download size 62MB. This game download from Google Play Store and this game play offline.

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2.Rebel Racing

Rebel Racing

Rebel Racing is a 3d driving game where you can get behind the wheel of dozens of vehicles from real car makers and compete on track sets in u.s. west coast your aim is to become the fastest racer in the USA at the start of rebel racing you’ve got just one vehicle in your garage and a couple of tracks to drive on but as you play and win races you can upgrade your vehicle and when you do you can take part in better competitions or you can win even better cars plus you can customize your cars as desired with all sorts of pieces this is a spectacular driving game with lovely graphics controls that are perfect for touch screens and an enormous number of vehicles and tracks. This game download size 280 MB. This game download from Google Play Store and this game play online.

3. Beach Buggy Racing 2

Beach Buggy Racing 2

This is a 3d racing game where you compete for the neck on colorful beach circuits full of booby traps and thrills that are yours for the taking we’re looking at the direct sequel to the original beach buggy racing that’s back again with more excitement and more off-the-wall buggy racing action as it might be expected from any racing game your main the objective is simply to leave your rivals in the dust thankfully you’ll have up to 45 power-ups you can grab as you race around each track to help you on your way there’s a multitude of game modes pick from a solo mode where you’re on your own or face off against other online players around the world. This game download size 160 MB. This game download from Google Play Store and this game play online.

4.Ghost Racing Formula E

Ghost Racing Formula E

Ghost racing formula e is a live racing game where you could experience what it would be like to drive through different Formula One circuits to be more specific you’ll be submerged in real-time formula e virtually live trials visuals and ghost racing formula e are well designed and all the vehicles and elements included in the circuits are in 3d you can also change between cameras to watch the race from a Zenith perspective or from inside the car in a subjective view the movements are really similar to reality and the speed sensation is a really effectively transmitted. This game download size 400MB. This game download from Google Play Store and this game play online.

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Street the newest game in the Forza franchise isn’t a sequel to horizon 4 or a new entry in the main motorsport series instead forestry is an upcoming mobile games spin-off that’s now available on Windows 10 store on PC the game focuses one on one Street races and looks gorgeous sadly there isn’t much in Street beyond the visuals and Forza Street tells a light tale about your driver getting their way over the country in a set of races against high-ranking drivers the story includes TV news anchors cryptocurrency secret patrons and cool-looking older dude in a hat. This game download size 3.5GB. This game download from Google Play Store and this game play online.


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