Rcade’s Top Choice Of Games 2019


Rcade – a community for gamers to grow and get recognized worldwide, brings the most played and top games of 2019.

Welcome to this guide! It has been curated to provide a top-tier round with the best games Xbox gaming community & ps4 gaming communities are playing this year.

And also, thanks to the shooters and racers, that fans are not looking any further than these games.

The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds is here, a new RPG (a top gaming community) from Obsidian Entertainment, the studio behind Fallout: New Vegas and Pillars of Eternity.

Outer World has lived up to the hype of gaming communities as one of the most exciting games of 2019. The ones who truly enjoyed Fallout and Mass Effect will definitely find some familiar interesting elements in this new RPG’s release.

The Outer Worlds was released for the versions of PlayStation, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

It is a shooter video game that is focused on World War II, but over time, the series has been set in modern times. In the midst of the cold war, futuristic worlds and the beauty of outer space.

It is a best-reviewed game on Rcade and over the internet, up till now! This iconic grounded combat, fast-paced action game is available on Play Station 4, Xbox One, PC, Android, and iOS.

Apex Legends

It is a free to play battle royale top gaming community game! Here the legendary competitors, misfits, drifters, and grifters battle for glory, fame, and fortune, on the fringes of the Frontier.

This game has won millions of players within a week! It is easily available on Microsoft Windows, ps4, and Xbox One. The most top-rated game in the gaming community for the ones who really love the warm atmosphere.

Borderlands 3

It is an action first-person, role-playing shooter game which is the sequel to 2012’s Borderlands 2 and also the fourth main entry in the borderlands series. Rcade app’s Xbox gaming community has rated this as the best gaming scene.

It was released for Microsoft Windows, ps4 and Xbox One which saw millions of players from around the world!

Gears 5

A third-person shooter game which was developed by The Coalition and published by Xbox Game Studios for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One. Go Pick your favorite genre and start recording your best shots! You never know what stardom might it bring by uploading them on the emerging and leading community for gamers – Rcade!


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